Welcome to Dovewhisper.com

The Dovewhisper Computer Centers are in the process of being revamped.
You will notice, that the grade levels and content areas have been consolidated. This should make it easier to maintain and keep the links up-to-date.
Math is Completed!
Please know the other subjects are in the process so I ask for your patience with this endeavor.
~Thank you~











The Dovewhisper Computer Centers were created as an effort to assist teachers in both incorporating technology and enriching their curricula. It is my hope that you and your students will find this site most beneficial and enriching.


Best Regards,
K. L. Evans
April 2020

Side Note: A few folks have asked how the name, "Dovewhisper" was originated. My husband was a heart transplant recipient of 21 years…the image of the dove is used for the LifeGift organization website. With that in mind, my late husband and I brainstormed/searched available domain names and thus....Dovewhisper was created.


It is important we be prepared for the future - for our children - for our community.

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